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  • By Diane Phan
    How to Allow Users to Upload Media Files to the Cloud How to Allow Users to Upload Media Files to the Cloud

    There are many factors to consider when building a public-facing website. For example, a developer would need to consider what is necessary to protect not only the users but also the project. They would need to figure out how to securely store the data - especially if the project consists of sensitive information.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to develop a functional website to authenticate your users and protect their identity before allowing them to upload an image file to your cloud storage. After authenticating the users, the project can give users the option to upload an image file through the site and store the files in a cloud.

    The application will use two key technologies:

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  • By Tony Lama
    Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies

    Amazing customer experiences are built by developers that understand their unique customer’s needs, however, having a head start never hurts. Utilizing pre-built functionality can provide a foundation for your developers to build and customize on top of.

    Twilio has partnered with Waterfield Technologies to launch Xcelerate, a new offering that helps organizations get started even faster with Flex. Xcelerate comes with pre-built functionality, implementation, and ongoing managed services for Twilio Flex, that can be deployed in record time. Unlike other contact center solutions, Xcelerate by Waterfield enables your developers to own your contact center roadmap and use API programmability to continue to build on your pre-designed Twilio Flex environment.

    Waterfield has 30+ years of experience in designing digital contact center solutions for hundreds of customers. Twilio product collaborated with Waterfield’s experts to design plug-ins that give customers access to pre-built functionality, including:

    Waterfield Flex Capabilities

    Xcelerate utilizes Waterfield’s expertise in designing digital contact …

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  • By Miguel Grinberg
    How To Send a WhatsApp Message in 30 Seconds with Golang How To Send a WhatsApp Message in 30 Seconds with Golang

    Twilio is all about powering communication conveniently and quickly in any programming language.

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to deliver a message or notification via WhatsApp with a few lines of Go that can be added to any application with the new Twilio Go Helper Library. Ready? Let's get started!

    Tutorial requirements

    The Twilio WhatsApp sandbox

    Twilio provides a WhatsApp sandbox, where you can easily develop and test your application. Once your application is complete …

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  • By Lyssa Test
    New Guide! The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel

    According to Twilio’s 2021 State of Customer Engagement report, most businesses plan to add four new customer channels in the coming year, but just 1 in 4 businesses say they’re successfully investing in omnichannel personalization.

    When businesses lack an integrated view of customers’ current and past behavior across all channels, they can inadvertently create a disjointed, fragmented customer experience that often results in churn or lost conversions. To understand why businesses struggle to create true omnichannel strategies, we partnered with Segment and SendGrid to create The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel.

    The guide has everything you need to implement omnichannel customer engagement at scale, including:

    • The key differences between multichannel and omnichannel
    • The importance of tracking cross-channel customer journeys
    • The infrastructure and tools you need to implement a scalable omnichannel strategy
    • How four leading brands use omnichannel experiences to wow customers

    Download the guide for best practices and tips …

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  • By Chris Feehan
    Update Your ServiceNow Incidents in Real-Time with Twilio header - Update your ServiceNow Incidents in real-time with Twilio

    Other article links in the series:

    In an increasingly hybrid workforce, there’s never been greater demand to provide employees and customers with communication options that meet them on the channel of their choice. The ever-increasing demand to provide these users with the tools to do their job from anywhere requires a continual evolution of software services to meet that need head-on.

    For example, ServiceNow has continued to grow into a ubiquitous Incident Management Solution for enterprises, while Twilio continues to grow into the customer engagement platform of choice for an increasingly overlapping set of customers.

    However, building integrations between disparate systems, such as these, is complicated. For example, many enterprise companies prioritize supporting and maintaining mission-critical systems. However, this often makes it infeasible to also …

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  • By Amanda Ramos
    Celebrate the Summer Games with SMS bots built on Twilio summer-games-header

    With the 2021 Summer Games, all eyes are on Japan for a month of competition and camaraderie. At a time when we’re feeling so separated, most of us are looking forward to a moment that connects us and rooting for a common goal. The Games look very different this year, and a few developers here at Twilio found a unique way to celebrate by building projects inspired by the athletes and events. These simple bots use Twilio products to help everyone learn more about the athletes, countries and history of the Big Games.

    Which discontinued Big Games event should you play?

    Built by: Kevin Whinnery

    Throughout the history of the Big Games, athletes have medaled in well-known competitions such as skiing, swimming, and gymnastics. But they’ve also achieved worldwide fame as competitors in Skijoring, Pigeon Racing, and Tug of War. While these events are no longer played at the Big …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    How to Dynamically Render Svelte Components and Avoid Annoying If-Statements dynamicrendersvelte.png

    Consider this scenario: Your blog is running on Svelte, and throughout the blog you display different lists of posts. You have two different types of list formats that you use:

    • On your blog’s main page, you show a list of all your posts with the post title and a summary.
    • On a given post’s page, you show a list of related content with only the posts’ titles and thumbnails.

    Right now, you have a component called AllPosts that loops over every post in the list and renders a child component called Post for each individual post. You pass a prop from AllPosts to Post indicating what format the individual post should take.

    Inside Post, you’re using an if-statement to render the post differently, depending on the prop value. Your code might look something like this:

      export let post;
      export let postType;
    {#if postType == 'preview'}
      <div …
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  • By Mia Adjei
    How to Set a Default Room Name in the Twilio Video React App How to Set a Default Room Name in the Twilio Video React App

    If you have worked with the open-source Twilio Video React App, you have likely seen the start screen displayed below:

    Twilio Video React App initial screen, with inputs for a user&#x27;s name and a video room&#x27;s name.

    By default, this screen shows you two inputs: one for your name and one for the name of the video room you would like to join.

    If you are building with this open-source video app, maybe you have wondered how you can prepopulate a video room name so that video room participants don't have to type it in.

    In this tutorial, you will learn some quick ways you can change the default name of the video room in this application, as well as examine some of how this application uses React Hooks.


    • A free Twilio account. (If you register here, you'll receive $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade to a paid account!)
    • Node.js v12+ and npm installed on your machine.


    To get started, clone …

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  • By Kelley Robinson
    Best practices for managing retry logic with SMS 2FA best practices for managing retry logic with SMS 2FA

    Humans are impatient creatures, so while SMS verification or two-factor authentication (2FA) codes may come through quickly in most parts of the world, we always recommend building retry buffers into verification workflows. This helps prevent:

    • Accidentally spamming a user with repeated text messages
    • Hitting API rate limits
    • Toll fraud or unnecessary spend

    While the best practices in this post are written with the Twilio Verify API in mind, many apply regardless of your 2FA provider. Combined with other best practices like building an allow list of country codes to verify, these steps can help make sure your user verification workflow is as seamless as possible.

    Launch a demo application with SMS retry best practices

    I built an application that shows off the best practices outlined in this post. The application is quick to launch since it's built with Twilio Functions, Twilio's serverless environment. You can launch your own by …

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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Mask or no mask? With Twilio Video, machine learning, and JavaScript header img mask or no mask

    As the number of positive COVID-19 cases rises everywhere, mask-wearing is coming back in vogue. Read on to learn how to build an app to detect whether or not someone is wearing a mask in a Twilio Video call with ml5.js.

    example of mask detector in video call

    What is ml5.js?

    ml5.js is a JavaScript library that lets developers use machine learning (ML) algorithms and models in the browser. It's built on top of TensorFlow.js which does most of the low-level ML tasks, including:

    • using pre-trained models to detect human poses, generate text, style an image with another image, compose music, detect pitches or common English language word relationships
    • and more, including image recognition!

    Image recognition contains two popular tasks: classification and regression. This post uses ml5.js to explore the classification problem of image recognition: given an input of an image (in this case, someone wearing or not wearing a mask), the machine classifies the category …

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