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  • By Marcus Battle
    Calculating Script Execution Time in PHP to Send an SMS with Twilio Calculating Script Execution Time in PHP to Send an SMS with Twilio

    New PHP developers may not be aware that every script you run has 30 seconds to complete. If your API requests, database transactions, and data processing don’t complete in time, you will experience a server timeout. This is because PHP's max_execution_time helps prevent poorly written scripts from tying up the server.

    Most developers will spend time Googling workarounds instead of focusing on the fact that this behavior is not a bug. In reality, people shouldn’t wait a whole minute or more for your page to load or process to complete within the browser. It’s just not an ideal user experience.

    In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to measure the time it takes to send an SMS with Twilio Programmable Messaging for better application performance. At the conclusion, you will have learned how to:

    • Build a simple script to send an SMS in PHP
    • Use PHP’s microtime() function to measure script …
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  • By Shajia Abidi
    Getting Started with Chrome Extensions Chrome's extension page

    Extensions are small software programs that customize your browsing experience. They are used to block ads and popups, format JSON, edit grammar, help with vocabulary, design, programming, among others. In a nutshell, Chrome extensions enhance the functionality of your browsing experience.

    In this tutorial, you will be creating a Chrome extension to track your daily tasks. With the extension enabled, every time you open a new tab, you will see the jobs you want to keep track of for the day.  You will be able to add a task, mark the task complete, and delete it.


    To follow this tutorial, you will need working knowledge of the following:

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript

    You will also need the Chrome web browser to install and test your extension.

    Introduction to Chrome extensions

    Chrome extensions consist of different components created with web development technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These components, including background …

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  • By Alan Klein
    Automate Flow Deployments with the Studio REST API v2, Now Generally Available Studio REST API v2 Hero

    Twilio Studio has enabled thousands of developers to quickly build and deploy complex communication workflows and scale effortlessly on Twilio Runtime, our Serverless environment. Today Studio has made publishing and deployment of Flows even more powerful.

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of Studio REST API v2, providing full support for publishing of Flows via the REST API, Twilio’s helper libraries, and the Twilio CLI.

    Studio flows and automated deployments

    A Studio flow is created using functional widgets with a drag and drop graphical user interface. Builders and developers alike have used the simple interface to create impressively powerful no-code and low-code workflows based on their specific needs.

    As Studio evolved, customers began asking for ways to programmatically create, read, update, and delete flows. Behind the Studio graphical user interface, flows …

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  • By Steph Moorhead
    A Year of 1 Trillion Emails: The Customers Who Sent Them A YEAR OF 1 TRILLION EMAILS - 2340x1000 - NO TEXT@2x.png

    This article originally appeared on the Twilio SendGrid blog.

    During a year of change, email has become an even more crucial connection between businesses and their customers. Email engagement increased by 200% in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As more customers stay at home, checking the inbox has become a regular part of customers’ daily routines—day and night, we check-in with our favorite brands and organizations. 

    In 2020, Twilio SendGrid kept businesses connected to their customers by reliably processing over 1 trillion emails. Imagine 1 trillion letter-sized pieces of paper lined up end to end. That’s 173 million miles—long enough to travel to Mars and back when it's closest to Earth. Twice!

    This incredible feat would not have been possible without our customers: senders both large and small who trusted us to deliver email to their customers. To celebrate this milestone, here’s a look at a few …

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  • By Abhimanyu Shekhawat
    Add Emoji Reactions to Video calls using Twilio Data Track API Add Emojis to Video calls using Twilio Data Track API

    During these unprecedented times, Video conferencing has become the prime medium of social interactions. Fortunately, with Twilio Programmable Video API you can make a fully functional video conferencing application in no time. If you find this too good to be true, I urge you to go check out our basic Video Chat Tutorial to experience the magic of Twilio APIs yourself.

    If you have already implemented the basic Video Chat application, in this article, we will take your experience to a next level by adding real time Emojis using Twilio Data Track API.

    By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to not only express yourself by using your favourite emojis but also understand the nuances of Data Transfer between participants in Twilio Programmable Video rooms.

    Emoji video call demo

    Tutorial requirements

    This article is an extension of the Video Chat Application tutorial, so we will be reusing the code of …

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  • By Muhammad Nasir
    Integrating OpenCV Object Detection with Twillio Programmable Video OpenCV Meanshift

    Video conferencing doesn’t have to be as basic as just conveying packets of data between users. Using machine learning, we can interpret what those packets of data represent in the real world, and manipulate them in a way to create a more human-centered experience.

    Today we’ll learn how to use OpenCV to do some simple object-detection with Twilio’s Programmable Video. This will allow you to add object detection to your video streams and open the pathway to many more image processing techniques using OpenCV!

    Let’s get started.

    Twilio Programmable Video app with OpenCV object detection


    Before we can build our OpenCV integration, you’ll first need a few things.

    Integrate OpenCV and Twilio

    First off, let’s clone Twilio’s Quickstart Video application. Open up a console and run:

    git clone https://github.com/twilio/video-quickstart-js.git

    Great! Now we need to initialize …

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  • By Matthew Gilliard
    Building Voicemail with Twilio and Java Building Voicemail with Twilio and Java

    One useful and common way to use Twilio is to create a phone number which forwards to your real phone. You can hand out the Twilio number to colleagues or customers and take business calls on your personal phone without worrying about handing out your real phone number. This also gives you a lot of options for how to handle these calls - you have the full power of Twilio at your disposal.

    In this post I'll show you how to create a voicemail system that will jump in when your cell number is busy, or when you don't answer the call. It will play a message to your caller, then record their message and text you a link to the recording when it's done.

    Primer: How Twilio Handles Calls

    When someone dials your Twilio number, an HTTP request is sent to a URL that you provide. The web server …

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  • By Jesse Sumrak
    What Is the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and How Does It Work? What is the pstn

    Commercialization of the telephone began nearly 150 years ago, and the world started connecting to one another via the well-known (although rather unsightly) telephone lines. This telecommunications system evolved with underground copper wires, undersea telephone cables, communication satellites, and even a digital core network into the PSTN as we know it today.

    However, the PSTN was no match for the evolution of the internet, and it's been in a steady decline for the last decade.

    Curious what it is, how it works, and how it compares to modern-day communication solutions? If so, you're in the right place.

    What is the PSTN?

    PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network, and it's the good ol' circuit-switched telephone network that's been in general use for the last century. The PSTN is also referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)—yes, I'm totally serious. Awesome, right?

    It works by using underground copper wires …

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  • By Charlie Weems
    How Texas is Using Twilio Flex with Direct Inward Dialing to Distribute Vaccines How Texas is Using Twilio Flex to Distribute Vaccines.png

    Most Twilio.org customers use Flex as a call center. We see all sorts of use-cases, from food-banks, to crisis lines, to disaster response. In late December, a joint team from the Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council and the Texas Division of Emergency Management were tasked with assisting COVID-19 vaccine distribution and needed a hybrid of a hotline and phone system.

    After vaccines became available in the United States, state and local agencies across the country needed to act fast to ensure that supply chain partners and medical providers had accurate, up to date information. Texas needed to coordinate information like when shipments would arrive, how to request new shipments, and how to safely store vaccines for use are critical pieces of information to ensure that vaccines are distributed effectively.

    Within one day we deployed a solution that has since handled several thousand calls about vaccine distribution logistics. In this …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2021年1月上旬の内容) changelog Jan-2021 1st half JP

    前回より、/changelogサイトへの投稿内容を、こちら/blogサイトに抄訳版として定期的にまとめてご案内しております。製品アップデートの内容のご確認にお役立てください。■■ なお当抄訳版は、ひとまず月2回を目安に運用開始いたしました。(前回は年末年始を挟んだこともあり、2020年12月下旬の投稿内容を2021年1月中旬に投稿しました。) フレッシュな情報の取得につきましては、これまで通り、/changelogサイトの内容をRSSフィード経由あるいはTwitterチャネル経由でご確認ください。■■ 最後に、内容が正確であるよう努めますが、差異等があると判断される場合にはオリジナルの/changelogサイトの投稿を参考にするようお願い致します。また記載の日付は米国時間帯ベースとなること、予めご了承ください。

    API Key and 2FA Requirements Enforced for remaining Free Users

    2021年1月13日、フィルタ=SendGrid Email API、リリース=GA [オリジナルの英語投稿はこちら]

    Twilio SendGridでは、全てのお客様アカウントのセキュリティを担保する観点から、今回よりフリープランのお客様アカウントにおいてもAPIキーによる認証が必要となります。この要件は、APIリクエストおよびSMTP接続構成の双方に該当します。現在ユーザ名とパスワードのみによるベーシック認証でAPIリクエストあるいはSMTPリクエストを行っているお客様は、この要件変更により認証エラーとなります。今後は、 …

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