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  • By Bernard Chang
    Share Unsubscribe Events with Subusers with SendGrid Event Webhooks and Twilio Functions SendGrid Event Webhooks and Twilio Functions

    SendGrid’s subusers are a great way to segment your email sending and API activity. Splitting your email activity into subusers allows you to get separate statistics for each type of email you send. But what if you want to share data across multiple subusers?

    In this article, you’ll learn how to use SendGrid’s Event Webhook and build a Twilio Function Service to share global unsubscribe data with multiple subusers.


    The world of email contains an incredible amount of data. At Twilio SendGrid, we provide you with industry-leading insights about how your emails are processed and engaged in real-time through Event Webhooks.

    To recap, here’s The Nine Types of Email Events that you can receive with SendGrid’s Event Webhook. The world is your oyster for what you leverage these events for: storing in a datastore, responding to a bounced email, or building a custom analytics dashboard.

    However, Event Webhooks …

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