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  • By Luís Leão
    Rode seu aplicativo de videoconferência com chat de texto usando código aberto em ReacJs e Twilio Video Rode seu aplicativo de videoconferência com chat de texto usando código aberto em ReacJs e Twilio Video

    No ano passado, a Twilio lançou aplicativos de vídeo de implantação rápida para que os desenvolvedores se familiarizassem com o Programmable Video em até cinco minutos. Hoje, temos o prazer de anunciar a mais recente melhoria do aplicativo ReactJS de open source: suporte a bate-papo pronto para uso para mensagens em texto e em arquivos.

    Não importa se você está usando o aplicativo como ponto de partida ou como referência canônica durante o desenvolvimento, ao adicionar esse recurso ao aplicativo ReactJS de open source, esperamos acelerar o desenvolvimento à medida que queira criar um bate-papo na sua experiência de vídeo.

    Em primeiro lugar, esta publicação mostra por que o bate-papo é um canal valioso para a experiência de vídeo do usuário final, depois apresenta o novo recurso e analisa o que usamos para desenvolver (alerta de spoiler: utilizamos a própria Conversations API da Twilio).

    Por que adicionar bate-papo à sua …

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  • By Dave Esber
    Twilio Frontline – the digital relationship builder – is now in Public Beta Frontline Public Beta Header

    Twilio Frontline is now Generally Available. Please check out the blog post to learn more.

    Twilio Frontline, announced at SIGNAL 2020, is now available in Public Beta. A mobile-first application for iOS and Android, Twilio Frontline is a superpower for sales teams and relationship managers, helping them to build lasting relationships with their customers over SMS and WhatsApp (with more channels to come) – in a secure and compliant way.

    Balancing personal relationships, a need for customization, and privacy

    Remote work and distributed teams have introduced new ways to do business digitally and revealed challenges many businesses face: maintaining control over their contacts, managing conversations for regulatory and legal reasons, and using those conversations to make their employees more productive through tech and coaching. In highly-regulated industries like financial services or healthcare and life sciences, there are even more compliance considerations.

    Balancing compliance requirements and ease of use has …

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  • By Hagit Merhavi
    チャットを活用した顧客コミュニケーション 〜 Twilio Conversations API Conversations-Blog-Header-jp

    この記事は、プロダクト管理担当のHagit Merhaviが、こちら(英語)て執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。

    アプリ内チャットやWebチャットは、顧客エンゲージメント構築において、大きなポテンシャルを秘めています。当社が2015年にリリースしたIP Messaging API (後にTwilio Programmable Chatと改称)は、信頼性の高いAPIとSDKを備えた、フル機能のクラウドホスト型チャットソリューションの先駆けでした。


    コーディングはクリエイティブな作業です。APIを利用すれば、数行のコードで顧客との快適なコミュニケーションを構築することができます。APIは創造性を解放する力があります。将来にわたり長い期間利用できるアプリケーション、つまり新たなチャネルや消費者のニーズの変化に対応できるアプリケーション …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    Getting Started With Twilio Free SMS for Businesses Get_Started_With_SMS

    Ever forget your phone at home and feel like you’re missing a limb? Cell phones live in our back pocket, purse, on our desk, and in all cases only an arm’s distance away. Our constant proximity and attention to our mobile devices make short message service (SMS), more commonly known as text messages, so powerful to businesses.

    SMS boasts a 98% open rate, making SMS an incredible avenue for getting customers’ immediate attention. But SMS is not a communication avenue to be overused. Because of the personal relationship users have with their phones (aka extra limb), SMS must be leveraged appropriately to garner your customers’ trust and effectively communicate with them.

    We’ll show you 3 ways you can get started sending SMS (for free) for your business and then provide a few SMS sending tips to make sure you’re set up for success.

    How should businesses use SMS?

    From alerts …

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  • By Julie Griffin
    Premiers pas avec les SMS gratuits Twilio pour les entreprises Premiers pas avec les SMS gratuits Twilio pour entreprises

    Cela vous est déjà arrivé d'oublier votre téléphone à la maison et d'avoir l'impression qu'il vous manquait un membre ? Les téléphones portables vivent dans nos poches arrière, nos sacs à main, sur nos bureaux – bref ils sont toujours à portée de main. Cette proximité et cette attention constante que nous portons à nos appareils mobiles font ainsi du service de messages courts (SMS), également connu sous le nom de « message texte » ou « texto », un puissant outil pour les entreprises.

    Les SMS peuvent se targuer d'un taux d'ouverture de 98 %, ce qui en fait un formidable moyen d'attirer l'attention immédiate des clients. Pour autant, c'est un moyen de communication dont il convient de ne pas abuser. Du fait du lien étroit que les usagers entretiennent avec leur téléphone (le fameux membre supplémentaire), il faut utiliser les SMS à bon escient si l'on veut gagner …

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  • By Lloyd MIller
    Build a Simple Chat Room App in React with Laravel Breeze and Twilio's Conversations API Build a Simple Chat Room App in React with Laravel Breeze and Twilio's Conversation API

    2020 was a huge year for Laravel. It was the year that we saw this beloved framework take leaps and bounds over its competition and push the PHP ecosystem further. The Laravel team managed to make the framework even more powerful by adding new authentication and scaffolding features, which include Jetstream and Breeze.

    Many developers know that full-stack apps with a Vue frontend can be quickly spun up with Laravel Jetstream. What many don’t know is that recently, the Laravel team made it easy to make an Inertia app with Laravel Breeze.

    With this knowledge, let’s have some fun and make a very simple Discord-like app called “Twilcord” that will let multiple users join a room via a phone number or username. Instead of the default Vue frontend, we’ll be using React. This article will show you that you don’t need to build separate backends and frontends …

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  • By Hagit Merhavi
    Building Twilio’s next-generation Conversations API for chat (and whatever comes next) Conversations-Blog-Header

    We know how valuable in-app and web chat can be in crafting powerful customer engagement. In fact, when we launched our IP Messaging API (which later became known as Twilio Programmable Chat) in 2015, we were among the first to offer developers a fully-featured cloud-hosted chat solution with reliable APIs and SDKs.

    Since then, we’ve seen tens of millions of monthly active chat users interacting on Twilio – building communities, solving customer issues, and connecting with one another around the world. When the world as we know it came to a standstill at the height of the pandemic, developers deployed chat and other messaging-based channels to help distributed teams respond to customer queries and stay connected. The power of chat is only continuing to grow, as we found in the 2021 State of Customer Engagement Report. More than any other channel, over a third of businesses surveyed said they …

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  • By Sean Coleman
    Launch your own video app with text-based chat in minutes with the updated Twilio Video Open Source ReactJS application Launch your own video app with text-based chat in minutes with the updated Twilio Video Open Source ReactJS application

    Last year, Twilio launched quick deploy video applications for developers to get up and running with Programmable Video in five minutes or less. Today, we are excited to announce the latest enhancement to the open source ReactJS application: out-of-the-box chat support for textual and file-based messaging.

    Whether you are using the app as a launching off point or a canonical reference during development, by adding this feature to the open source ReactJS application we hope to accelerate your development as you look to build chat within your video experience.

    This post will first explore why chat is a valuable channel for the end-user video experience, introduce the new feature, and discuss what we used to build it (spoiler alert: we leveraged Twilio’s very own Conversations API).

    Why add chat into your video experience?

    Chat within the video experience provides a useful channel for users to send clarifying messages, backlog …

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  • By Tilde Thurium
    Implémenter des SMS Conversationnels Rapidement : Twilio Studio + Conversations twilio-studio-conversations-sms

    La communication, c’est complexe. Quelle que soit l'activité de votre entreprise, il est nécessaire de rencontrer les gens là où ils sont et de s'engager avec eux sur les plateformes de communication qu'ils utilisent déjà.

    Twilio Conversations permet de créer des espaces unifiés où les utilisateurs de différentes plateformes peuvent échanger entre eux.

    Twilio Studio est un outil qui permet de créer des applications pour gérer les flux de messagerie avec une logique conditionnelle, sans écrire le moindre code.

    Dans cet article, vous apprendrez à intégrer Studio et Conversations en quelques étapes de configuration avec un temps de code minime.

    Vous verrez quelques exemples d'utilisation, tels que:

    • Suivre la livraison des messages avec des mise à jour sur le statut via des callbacks
    • L’envoi de la transcription intégrale du chat à un opérateur humain


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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Building Twilio Apps with React: A Guide for Frontend Developers react.png

    Of all the JavaScript application frameworks, React.js continues to be the most popular among JavaScript developers.

    For developers building Twilio apps, however, learning how to make use of the different Twilio JavaScript SDKs inside React can be a complex process, and there aren’t always easy answers.

    In this post, you’ll get a birds eye view of the different Twilio JavaScript SDKs and see examples of how you can utilize them in a React app to make your next project easier.


    To make the most of the resources in this post, you should have:

    • A free Twilio account (if you sign up with this link, we’ll both get $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade your account)
    • A working knowledge of React
    • Node.js installed on your machine
    • npm, yarn, or another package manager

    The Twilio JavaScript SDKs

    Twilio offers several JavaScript SDKs that are used to develop …

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