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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategies: A Step-by-Step Guide nonprofit digital marketing strategies

    A strategic online presence is vital for a nonprofit organization to connect with participants, donors, and volunteers. Your organization has probably already ventured into digital platforms, such as a website, email newsletter, or social media profiles. But to reap all the benefits of digital channels, you need a unified strategy for your marketing efforts.

    Because nonprofit organizations often operate with small teams and tight budgets, planning and executing a marketing strategy can be challenging. This post provides step-by-step guidance on how to create your nonprofit digital marketing plan and an overview of the digital strategies that will help you reach a broader audience.

    Plus, we’ll cover how’s Impact Access Program can assist your nonprofit’s digital communications.

    First, let’s start with why you need a digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit organization.

    How can a digital marketing strategy benefit nonprofits?

    While much of a nonprofit organization’s work takes place physically …

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  • By Johnny Nguyen
    How to Send an Email with Notion, SendGrid, and Python How to Send an Email with Notion, SendGrid, and Python

    Notion is a useful tool for project management and note taking. Users can easily create new pages and databases for managing their projects. For example, you could create pages for email templates and then add a database for a mailing list. Why shouldn't you also be able to send an email with Notion?

    In this post, you will learn how to use Notion to create email templates and an email mailing list. Using Python and SendGrid, you will make a console program, complete with argument parsing, so you can effectively send your emails.


    To continue with this tutorial, you will need:

    After you …

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  • By Volkan Paksoy
    How to send RSS feed digest email with C# and SendGrid Dynamic Email Templates How to send RSS feed digest email with C# and SendGrid Dynamic Email Templates

    In this article, you will learn how to create a nicely formatted dynamic email using the Twilio Blog RSS feed as source data and send it via the SendGrid API. You will first look into creating the template with test data. Then you will learn how to parse RSS and HTML and send the emails with dynamic data.


    You'll need the following things for this tutorial:

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  • By Mark Vickstrom
    Increase Call Answer Rates on iOS with Suggested Contacts Header

    When was the last time you got a call from a number you didn’t recognize? Did you answer that call?

    Calls from phone numbers that recipients do not recognize have low answer rates because of the rise of robocalls and call spam. Technologies like STIR/SHAKEN and third-party analytics services are currently focused on identifying and blocking spam calls, not on increasing trust in calls that are desired – such as a call from a delivery driver who can’t find your house, or from your pharmacy letting you know your prescription is ready.

    In the US, telecom providers have long supported Caller ID through CNAM. So, if you have a landline (or are old enough to remember when most houses had a landline), you’ve probably seen a 15-character Caller ID show up on a small screen when a call comes in.

    Aside from some technical limitations with CNAM, we don’t often …

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  • By Niels Swimberghe
    How to Bulk Email with C# and .NET: Zero to Hero How to Bulk Email with C# and .NET

    In a previous tutorial, I shared how you can send individual emails using the SendGrid API. This use case is perfect for transactional emails where you send an email to a single recipient or a small number of recipients. But what if you need to send emails to a very large audience? Well, in this tutorial you'll learn how to send bulk emails using the SendGrid API and C# .NET.

    If you're not familiar with sending transactional emails using .NET, I advise you go through the previous post about sending emails with C# and SendGrid first.


    Here’s what you will need to follow along:

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  • By Will Johnson
    Send Welcome Emails After New Signups with SendGrid and Auth0 Actions Automate welcome emails header

    Welcome emails are one of your first opportunities to make a good impression on new customers and it’s the one broadcast every user will see. It’ll also set the foundation of a good relationship from the start. Twilio SendGrid enables you to deliver emails to your customers without using engineering resources to do it yourself.

    If you aren’t familiar with Auth0, it is an Identity Access Management (IAM) platform that helps manage authentication and authorization in applications securely. Auth0 has recently launched Actions which lets developers customize the behavior of Auth0 applications at certain trigger points through functions written in Node.js.

    In this post, you’ll learn how to send a welcome email after a new user signs up to your Auth0 application using the SendGrid Mail Send API and Auth0 Actions.


    • A free Twilio SendGrid Account – Sign up here.
    • A free Auth0 Account – …
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  • By Matthew Setter
    How to Send an Email with Go and SendGrid in 30 Seconds How to Send an Email with Go and SendGrid in 30 Seconds

    SendGrid is all about delivering exceptional email experiences. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send your first email with Go and SendGrid in 30 seconds. To do this, you'll use the official Twilio SendGrid Golang API library to save yourself a lot of time and effort.

    Ready? Let's get started!

    Tutorial requirements

    To follow along with the tutorial, you're only going to need three things:

    1. A SendGrid account. If you are new to Twilio Sendgrid you can create a free account, which allows you to send 100 emails per day — forever.
    2. Go, version 1.18 or newer. You can download an installer from the official Go website.
    3. An email address to receive the email.
    4. An email address to send the email which has a verified identity.

    Create the project directory

    Create a new directory named send-email-with-sendgrid in your Go workspace (somewhere inside $GOPATH/src), and change into …

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  • By Ashi Garg
    Build a Passwordless Authentication System Using Django, Twilio Verify, and SendGrid Build a Passwordless Authentication System Using Django, Twilio Verify, and SendGrid

    Requiring passwords to sign up for a service has many demerits, such as a high chance of passwords being stolen and requiring users to remember passwords all the time. On the contrary, a passwordless authentication system has many benefits. For instance, it saves users from being a victim of the most common attack—the Brute Force Attack. Additionally, many users have a tendency to use the same password for multiple websites/applications, which then can lead to a Credential Stuffing Attack. A passwordless authentication system helps save users from such an attack as well.

    A passwordless authentication system lets users access the applications by verifying their identity using a secure token, biometric signature or any other secure proof of identity which is not knowledge based or does not require any private information.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a passwordless authentication system using Twilio Verify, SendGrid, …

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  • By Similoluwa Adegoke
    Send Recurring Emails using C# .NET and Hangfire with SendGrid Send Recurring Emails using C# and Hangfire

    Sometimes you need to send out emails at a certain interval - monthly, weekly, daily, or even more frequent. To run jobs on a time interval, you can use operating system tools like cron jobs on Linux or the task scheduler on Windows. Alternatively, you can create your own long running application that schedules the jobs for you. However, developing a robust job scheduler is not an easy task. Luckily, there are some great libraries that take care of this for you like Hangfire.

    In this tutorial you will learn how to send recurring emails using Hangfire and the SendGrid Email API.

    Check out this article to learn how to send recurring emails using Quartz.NET, which is another scheduling system for .NET.


    You will need a few things to follow along:

    • A Twilio SendGrid Account. Sign up here to send up to 100 emails per day …
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  • By Dave Glick
    Render Emails Using Razor Templating Render Emails Using Razor Templating

    In the previous post, you went inside the Razor engine to learn how it works and understand what goes on when you turn a Razor file into HTML. You examined the four phases of parsing, code generation, compilation, and execution and how your C# code ends up being mixed together with your raw markup and output content. In this post, you’ll take things a step further and put that knowledge to use by comparing some open-source implementations of the Razor engine. You'll also learn how to use these Razor engines in your applications and render email templates to send emails with a service like SendGrid.

    The Different Kinds Of Razor Implementations

    Recall from the previous post that when you talk about Razor as a templating language, and even as an engine, you’re really talking about two different things: the underlying low-level Razor engine that’s responsible for the four execution …

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