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Flex posts

  • By Felipe Mora
    Cómo transferir chats de WhatsApp de un BOT a Twilio Flex Cómo transferir chats de WhatsApp de un BOT a Twilio Flex

    Uno de los casos de uso más comunes en nuestra solución de Twilio Flex es habilitar el canal de WhatsApp, y generalmente lo que se hace es iniciar una conversación desde un flujo de conversación en Studio que luego dará paso a una conversación con un agente en Twilio Flex; para ello es necesario usar el Widget de “Send to Flex” en Twilio Studio.

    Este Widget generalmente requiere de configuración extra para que funcione.

    En este tutorial, vamos a listar el paso a paso para configurar el widget correctamente para transferir chats de WhatsApp desde un flujo de Twilio Studio a Twilio Flex, complementando los pasos descritos en Twilio Flex y WhatsApp en minutos, para casos de uso en los cuales se quiera implementar un BOT antes de transferir el chat a un agente humano en Twilio Flex.

    Adicionalmente, estos pasos resuelven el error "SendToFlexWidget is not supported for …

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  • By Rosario Corres
    Como transferir chats de WhatsApp para o Twilio Flex Como transferir chats de WhatsApp para o Twilio Flex

    Um dos casos de usos mais comuns na nossa solução de Twilio Flex é habilitar o canal de WhatsApp, e geralmente o que se faz é iniciar uma conversa desde um fluxo do Twilio Studio que permitirá fazer o transbordo para um agente no Twilio Flex utilizando apenas o Widget de Send to Flex no Studio, porém esse Widget geralmente requer uma configuração extra para funcionar.

    Nesse tutorial, vamos detalhar o passo a passo para configurar o Widget corretamente para transferir chats do WhatsApp para o Flex a partir de um fluxo do Twilio Studio, complementando os passos descritos em API para WhatsApp da Twilio com o Twilio Flex em Apenas Alguns Minutos para casos de uso nos quais precise implementar um chatbot antes de realizar o transbordo para um atendente no Twilio Flex.

    Adicionalmente, esse tutorial resolve a possível mensagem de erro SendToFlexWidget is not supported for this channel/trigger …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    ローカリゼーションプラグインを利用しTwilio Flexのユーザーインターフェースを日本語にする方法 flex localization

    Twilio Flexは音声通話(電話)、SMS、Webチャットなど複数のチャネルからの問い合わせをブラウザから対応できるクラウドコンタクトセンターソリューションです。特別な電話回線や設備を導入する必要はありません。


    今回、Twilioでコンサルティングやトレーニングを提供しているプロフェッショナルサービスチームが日本語を含んだ複数言語に切り替えることができるプラグインを開発し、GitHubで公開しました。Twilio Japanのチームメンバーも日本語文字列のレビュー・修正で貢献しています。

    GitHub - twilio-professional-services / plugin-flex-localization


    このFlexプラグインは製品サポートの対象となるものではないため、利用については自己責任となります。質問 …

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  • By Heather Hargreaves
    Integrate Discord and Sentiment Analysis with Twilio Flex Integrate Discord and Sentiment Analysis with Twilio Flex

    In this post, you will learn how to set up a Discord bot connected to Flex so agents can chat directly with customers on that platform, while pulling in sentiment analysis of previous messages. You will learn how to use IBM’s Tone Analyzer API and Segment to calculate a user’s sentiment from their texts in a Discord channel.

    Originally this project was created as a part of the 2021 Solutions Engineering Hackathon. We pared our original project down to the following for simplicity’s sake and to distill the project’s essence, which is to help contact center teams interact with customers directly in Discord. To see the original contents of the project, see this Github repo.

    To see a demo of the original project and background on why we chose Discord, check out this quick video below.


    For this project, you will need:

    • A Twilio account. Sign up for …
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  • By Ana Cristina Andres Del Valle
    Supercharge your contact centre experience with Flex and Veridas Voice Biometrics Supercharge your contact centre experience with Flex and Veridas Voice Biometrics

    Wouldn't it be great to verify the identity of the person who is at the other side of a phone call just using their voice? Agents in contact centres spend precious time asking security questions to verify customers’ identities. This process is not friendly and often relies on information that can be phished – stolen by untrustworthy third parties. Furthermore, from the customer's point of view, it is also an arduous and bewildering process. Either they have to spend an average of 30 seconds answering personal questions, or they are forced to memorize passwords that are often forgotten. In the end, these processes do not actually verify an identity but simply check that a person has access to certain information.

    Voice biometrics can help contact centres create friendly and natural ways to verify who is speaking on the phone. Veridas Voice Biometric Authentication solution services facilitate the registration of a …

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  • By Philip Borden
    Acqueon Engagement Integration Designed for Twilio Flex Acqueon Flex Integration

    Providing customers with engaging experiences depends on two-way communications. Customers need to be able to engage your business to troubleshoot issues or make changes to their accounts, while also receiving calls from your business regarding upcoming payments.

    Using outbound campaigns can also drive revenue for your business through rapid lead response, outbound prospecting, debt collections, and customer development.

    Orchestrating engaging outbound communications to connect customers directly with agents can be challenging. Campaigns need to be created, automate outreach, and then engage with customers before connecting agents.

    Twilio Flex is partnering with Acqueon to provide businesses with a validated integration for outbound campaign management, with a built-in predictive dialer. Acqueon Engagement lets your business orchestrate campaigns and proactively engage with consumers using voice channels. It uses a rich data platform, including statistical and predictive models to let enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation.

    Acqueon Engagement and Twilio Flex

    We …

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  • By Philip Borden
    Enable Customers to Skip Hold Times with VHT’s Mindful Callback for Twilio Flex Twilio Ecosystem Header

    Waiting on hold is something everyone fears when calling customer service. While hold music has definitely improved, the experience can be a painful first step before talking with an agent.

    With VHT’s Mindful Callback technology, you can now provide customers an option to avoid long wait times and get back to their daily lives.

    Automated callbacks re-engage customers with an agent when it reaches them in the queue. Customers get to choose to wait on hold, or take a callback. This enables you to turn hold time into free time and provides a huge benefit to your customers.

    Twilio has partnered with VHT, who invented callback technology 26 years ago, to design a validated integration for VHT Mindful Callback, that works as a natural extension of your Twilio Flex contact center. This integration enables virtual queueing during high volume periods, automates callback, and uses Twilio SIP URI to receive …

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  • By David Worley
    Twilio Flex: Updates from SIGNAL 2021 Twilio Flex Updates from Signal 2021

    SIGNAL is Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference bringing together thousands of people with a common goal: to learn what’s new from Twilio and how to use it!

    This year was no different – other than it being almost entirely virtual. The exception was a few customers who participated in Day 0’s Creators Summit and a few who were lucky enough to watch the opening keynote live.

    I wanted to share some of the Flex updates we announced or talked about during the show. In this post, I’ll share:

    • An introduction to Flex One
    • More Flex product announcements
    • Flex customers that shared their stories
    • How the Flex platform supported SIGNAL attendees

    So What’s Flex One?

    Our mission is to be the world’s first digital contact center. Let’s face it, adding more than just voice in the contact center has traditionally been difficult to do. Legacy contact centers weren’t set …

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  • By Adam King
    Building a Low-Code Flex Activity Monitor with Twilio Event Streams and Slack Building a Low-Code Flex Activity Monitor with Twilio Event Streams and Slack

    At Signal 2020, Twilio announced Event Streams - an API that allows developers to subscribe to a stream of interactions from Twilio in the form of well-defined Events. Since then, the team has been hard at work adding more and more event types from within the Twilio platform. Not only that, but Event Streams went into Public Beta in April 2021, adding a Webhook sink type on top of the AWS Kinesis sink type.

    The availability of Event Streams, and the many event types which can be streamed to your application, has opened up myriad opportunities to use Event data from Twilio in new and interesting ways.

    In this guide, we will create a Slack App which will post to a channel in Slack every time one of our Flex / TaskRouter workers changes their selected Activity status in Flex.

    To do this, we will be doing the following:

    1. Using …
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  • By Twilio
    How to Set Up a Remote Contact Centre setting-up-remote-contact-centre

    The pandemic greatly accelerated the shift to remote contact centres. Analysts project that 53 per cent of the contact centre workforce could be working remotely by 2023. Working remotely is so appealing to workers that nearly half say they would look for another job if they were no longer able to work remotely.

    The benefits of a remote workforce aren’t all on the employee side, of course. Businesses can benefit from lower overhead and a larger pool of accessible potential recruits. The flexibility of remote work can help attract top talent, too.

    Here’s how to set up a remote contact centre of your own to benefit employees, your business, and customers, too.

    Must-have features for a remote contact centre

    The platform it runs on defines a remote contact centre, and not all software solutions are created equal. Here are a few criteria to keep in mind:

    User-friendly design

    Clunky or …

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