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Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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You requested an ability to download Twilio data at scale so that you can easily support different business functions like fraud analytics, legal compliance needs, warehousing and business analytics based on this data. So, we created Twilio’s “Bulk Export” tool.The BulkExport API provides an efficient mechanism for retrieving all of your activity logs from the Twilio platform on an ongoing basis, or for one-off downloads. Using BulkExport, you can access daily or historical dumps of the previous day’s Messages, Calls, Conferences, or conference Participants, eliminating the need to iterate through the list resource one page at a time to download your record.

Changes since Beta launch are

  • Addition of “EstimatedCompletionTime” and “QueuePosition’ parameters to help you determine when your job will complete
  • Product hardening and enhanced security features (limit on per-day exports and export notifications for account owners/admins) to prevent data exfiltration in case an account takeover has happened.

The retention policy on Functions and Assets is being updated. Functions without any Function Versions and older than 30 days will be deleted. 

Assets without any Asset Versions that are older than 30 days will also be deleted.

Function Versions or Asset Versions older than 30 days that are not part of a Build or an active deployment will also be deleted.

This policy will not impact any active deployments at any point. This policy will only apply to users using the API, serverless toolkit or the new UI editor. This policy does not apply to Functions(Classic) and Assets(Classic). 

This new policy will come into effect on May 30th, 2021. You can read more about this deletion policy here.

Twilio has completed validation of the integration between Flex and Virtual Hold Technologies (VHT). VHT creates a better customer experience by allowing customers to avoid waiting on hold. This allows contact centers with peaks and valleys in incoming traffic patterns to optimize their staffing levels. 

As part of the integration, we have documented the steps required to set up this integration as well as two sample deployment scenarios.

To learn more about VHT’s capabilities and how to enable it for your application, visit our integration documentation.

Marketing Campaigns

Support for "View in Browser" Links GA

You can now include a “view in browser” link in your Marketing Campaigns emails using the Weblink Substitution Tag.

The "view in browser" link points to an online version of your email, which will display your HTML as designed, protecting against potential email client rendering issues. This ensures recipients have a fallback to view your email, and provides them an option to share the email with friends using the link in addition to forwarding the email.

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.25.

This release of Flex UI introduces an improved troubleshooting experience for Flex UI users. Users of Flex UI will now be able to get error notifications via a Debugger UI and will be able to download a report with full error descriptions and logs. Flex UI developers will now be able to retrieve errors and logs programmatically to implement customized error monitoring and reporting. This Debugger UI is now in Pilot and can be enabled for your account on the Feature Settings Page.

To learn more about Flex UI troubleshooting, Debugger UI, and programmatic access to errors and logs, visit our Flex docs.

Other notable changes include

For a full changelog, visit the release notes for our client libraries:

Flex UI 1.25

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Search Elastic SIP Trunking Call Logs using SIP Call ID GA

You can now query for information about your calls in the Elastic SIP Trunking Call Log  using the SIP Call ID found in your SIP network.

Programmable Video

Video Log Analyzer API General Availability GA

Video Log Analyzer API is now generally available. 

This API allows developers to simplify troubleshooting and help identify commonalities in reported issues by programmatically retrieving critical metadata about Participant and Room behavior. The information provided includes: why a Participant left a Room, how the Room was ended, browser/operating system details, Participant error codes, and more.

For more information, see the developer docs and our blog post Getting to Know Video Log Analyzer.

Developers can now use the standard ETag and If-Match HTTP headers when interacting with TaskRouter tasks. This allows developers to avoid conflicts when multiple systems are concurrently updating task attributes.

  • When creating, updating or fetching a task in TaskRouter via the RestAPI, developers can now retrieve the version information for the task from the ETag header in the HTTP response.
  • When updating a task via the RestAPI, developers can now provide the version information for the task in the If-Match header of the HTTP request to make the request conditional upon a version match.

To learn more about the new feature and the Task resource, please refer to our documentation.

Marketing Campaigns

New Get Contacts by Email API Endpoint GA

The new Get Contacts by Email endpoint allows you to retrieve one or more contacts by their email or alternate email addresses. This endpoint should be used when you know the email(s) you are searching for. If you need access to a larger set of contacts, please continue to use the export contacts functionality.

Programmable Voice

Branded Calls Private Beta remains closed till Q3 2021 Beta

Product discovery and refinement are still in progress. We will keep providing service to the existing customers, but we won't be accepting new customers during Q2 and Q3. Stay tuned for the next Branded Calls update in Q3 2021.


End of Life Notice for Authy API’s Sandbox feature Deprecated

Twilio will be discontinuing the Authy API’s Sandbox on September 30, 2021. This feature allows customers to run continuous integration tests against a mock Authy API. The rest of the Authy API product will continue working as-is. 

You will only be affected if you are using the Sandbox in your own application or test suite.

For more information please read this article on how we are discontinuing the Sandbox.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

API Key and 2FA Requirements Enforced for Paid Users GA

In order to enhance security for all of our users, Twilio SendGrid now requires customers on all paid plans to use API Key authentication on all API requests and SMTP configurations. Customers must also enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all users, including teammates. Visit our docs for more information on Upgrading to API Keys and Enabling Two-Factor Authentication. If you did not receive notifications about this change please update your account email address.

Programmable Video

Video Recording Rules API is now Generally Available GA

The new Recording Rules API is now Generally Available. Previously, the video recording system would record all Room participants or none based on your initial decision. As such, it did not allow any changes to the recording while the Room was in progress until it was concluded. 

Using the new Recording Rules API, you can programmatically introduce a set of rules which will give you more granular control over what you choose to record in every possible situation. You will be able to start and stop the recording of the Room tracks at any moment in time and as many times as you want. You will also be able to record either video, audio or both tracks from any of the participants in the Room.

Please visit the Recording Rules API documentation page to learn more about it, including code samples for making it easier for you to use.

Fixed IP ranges for Super SIM traffic Beta

Twilio Mobile Core now uses a set of fixed IP ranges for traffic originating from Super SIM enabled devices. This enables you to set up filters on your firewall to accept traffic only from these IP ranges, instead of accepting traffic from anywhere on the Internet. The following IP address ranges are used

Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Programmable Voice

Announcing Twilio’s Native Integration with Dialogflow ES Beta

Today we are announcing the Public Beta launch of the native integration between Twilio Programmable Voice and Dialogflow Essentials (ES). With this integration you can bring the power of conversational AI to your Twilio calls to provide rich and natural caller experiences within your Twilio IVR.  This integration is powered by a new TwiML <VirtualAgent> which is also available as a Connect Virtual Agent Studio Widget. When executed, they connect a Twilio call to your configured Dialogflow ES Agent. 

To get started, select Twilio as a “One-Click” telephony partner on the Dialogflow ES console and finish with selecting one or more Twilio phone numbers to associate with your Dialogflow ES agent. Callers calling into those numbers will then be connected directly to Dialogflow. You can always use TwiML and Studio to modify the call flow.

Learn more about the integration, <VirtualAgent> TwiML, and the Connect Virtual Agent Studio Widget.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Ability to search Twilio Elastic SIP Trunk at ease GA

With this feature, you will be able to search Twilio Elastic SIP Trunk at ease. From the console, navigate to the Elastic SIP Trunking “Trunks” page and you can now use any of the filters such as Trunk SID, Trunk Name, Termination and Origination SIP URI to better search the trunk(s) of your interest. You can see more details here.

The Flex Plugins CLI now provides the ability to archive a plugin, a plugin version, or a configuration. When archived, admins or developers can no longer enable the plugin for agents via the Plugins Dashboard or Plugins CLI. Developers can archive a configuration to prevent it from being redeployed. The archive command can be used to indicate that a plugin is no longer actively maintained or it has defects and should not be enabled. Information on archived plugins or configurations can still be viewed on the Plugins Dashboard and the Plugins CLI. For more details on this feature, refer to our documentation.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.57.15 PM.png

Other notable changes: 

Marketing Campaigns

View Stats for Emails in a Marketing Campaigns Automation GA

You can now see detailed performance data on individual emails within an Automation. Stats include information on emails triggered, emails delivered, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam over time. Click Tracking data and Email Details are also available.

To see performance data on emails in an Automation, navigate to the Automations section of Marketing Campaigns, click into the detail view for an Automation, and select View Stats from the action menu to the right of an individual email in the Automation.

Programmable Messaging

MMS on Toll-Free Numbers is Generally Available GA

Every US(+1) Toll-Free number is now enabled with MMS capability, out-of-the-box. Starting today, you can use Toll-Free numbers to send and receive media messages from recipients in US and Canada.

To learn more about emerging use cases for media messaging, please visit our blog post.

To correctly end an Execution for an inbound Voice call, Studio needs the “hangup” event from the Voice status callback. When that event is not received, the Execution may be left open (or “stuck”) indefinitely. 

To address this, Studio now automatically configures the status callback shortly after configuring your phone number for Studio. This ensures the final “hangup” event is always received. With this release, manually setting the status callback is no longer necessary and helps avoid “stuck” Executions for inbound calls.

To learn more, review our knowledge base article.

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