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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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Programmable Messaging

Customers can view reasons for brand registration failure in A2P 10DLC GA

Customers can now view the reasons for their brand registration failures in the A2P wizard in the console or via the ISV APIs for US A2P 10DLC. In the A2P Wizard in the Twilio console, brand failures will result in an error screen with reasons for the failure and instructions to fix your brand registration before you can move forward. The GET Brand API call returns the failure reasons for ISVs registering their customers via API. You can review the failure reasons and API details here and reduce the likelihood of your brand registration failing by following the brand registration best practices here.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

Spam Reporting Improvements GA

SendGrid has updated the system responsible for processing and logging spam report events. This change improves our system’s ability to process and count spam reports that come to us from mailbox providers when recipients mark a message as spam.

This change will result in elevated spam report metrics for some Twilio SendGrid users that will level off once our system catches up to all emails that have been marked as spam. The increase in spam reports is not the result of more recipients marking more mail as spam, rather it is the result of our system capturing spam report events more completely from this date onward.

Note that while this is a GA release, the updates are slowing being rolled out across all accounts.

SendGrid Email API

Apple Machine Open Indicator - Generally Available GA

Twilio SendGrid has launched the Apple Machine Open Indicator in the Event Webhook. Open events now includes a new boolean field, sg_machine_open, to identify anonymous open events generated by Apple Mail Privacy Protection.

Super SIM Distributed Internet Breakout - Singapore Beta

Super SIM now has one more location of our Distributed IoT Mobile Core in Singapore, to provide an Internet breakout for IoT customers in the APAC region. With this new location, Twilio has three Internet breakouts for Super SIM traffic: in Ashburn, Frankfurt, and Singapore, with more locations to follow. 

Using distributed breakout to the Internet is important to achieve low latency, which opens up new use cases such as adding real time voice/video communications to an IoT device. In addition, it means less data crossing borders, and thus helps with data sovereignty. 

To make use of the breakout location in Singapore, Super SIM customers must configure “sg1.super” as the APN on the devices (see Super SIM APN configuration). The existing default APN “super”, when used, results in traffic breaking out to the Internet via our mobile core in Ashburn, USA. When “de1.super” is used, the traffic breaks out to the Internet through our mobile core in Frankfurt. 

If you are interested in using the Singapore Internet breakout location, please reach out to Twilio support.

Programmable Video

Quota increases for WebRTC Go GA

One year after launch, we are excited to announce quota increases for WebRTC Go to allow you to build, launch, and run 1:1 video applications for free, for longer. The changes are as follows: 

  1. WebRTC Go now comes with unlimited TURN usage, removing the previous 25 GB/month limit. 
  2. You can now scale up to 500 concurrent participants or rooms, up 500% from the previous limit of 100. 

To learn more about the quota increases and some of the key improvements we made for WebRTC Go developers over the last year, refer to the One year of WebRTC Go blog post.

Phone Numbers

Changes to the Emergency Calling API GA

Customers associating emergency addresses with their phone numbers don’t have to set EmergencyStatus to Active in the IncomingPhoneNumbers resource of the Phone Numbers API. Attempting to set the EmergencyStatus to Active or Inactive will be ignored, and will not have any effect on the enablement or disablement of emergency calling. 

When fetching an Incoming Phone Number, a new parameter EmergencyAddressStatus is returned with the registration status of the emergency address with the values registered, unregistered, pending-registration, pending-unregistration, registration-failure, and unregistration-failure.

Voice customers with US and Canada phone numbers should provide their accurate physical address to comply with the FCC and CRTC E911 rules. If you make a 911 call from a US or Canada phone number without a registered emergency address, Twilio will pass through a $75 fee per 911 call for the call to be delivered to a national emergency location center where a trained agent will ask for the emergency location.

For additional information, check our SIP Trunking and Programmable Voice documentation.

Programmable Messaging

WhatsApp Phone Number Migration is Generally Available GA

Businesses can now move their existing WhatsApp Business API phone numbers to the Twilio platform at any time whether they were previously registered through a different Business Solution Provider or directly with Facebook. Upon a successful migration, the transferred number retains its display name, messaging limit tier, quality rating, and Official Business Account status. High quality message templates on the account that it was previously registered on will also be copied over to the new account on Twilio.

For more details on how to move WhatsApp numbers to Twilio, please take a look at this support article.

Programmable Messaging

A2P Brand Registration Secondary Fee Waiver Ended GA

Customers registering for their Primary A2P Brand for US 10DLC traffic automatically get their brand vetted by carriers through a process called Secondary Vetting. This vetting costs $40 and was being covered by Twilio till Sept 30. The Secondary Vetting fee will now be passed through to customers and reflect in customer bills as the waiver has ended. 

Note Starter Brands and Starter Campaigns continue to remain free of charge.

Programmable Messaging

Twilio MMS is now HIPAA Eligible GA

Twilio MMS can now be used to develop compliant healthcare applications that contain protected health information (PHI) for organizations that are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Twilio will sign Business Associate Addendums (BAA) with covered entities and business associates for HIPAA Eligible Products and Services.

Learn more about how to build on Twilio for HIPAA compliance.


Flex Outbound Dialing and Dialpad are now GA GA

We are excited to announce that Flex Outbound dialing and Dialpad are now GA! Thank you to all our beta users for all the feedback you have sent us during the beta period.

This release brings improvements in quality and reliability and solves several known limitations that include:

  • Improved and more granular error reporting when an outbound call fails
  • Flex agents can no longer place concurrent outbound calls
  • Recordings are no longer stopped when an outbound call is transferred

To get started, refer to the Flex Dialpad documentation

Native Dialpad GA is released in Flex UI 1.28. For more details on this release, please visit the release notes for Flex UI

Programmable Voice


Programmable Voice SIPREC streams can now be started and stopped via API. This allows you to start a stream on a phone call and send that stream to one of the available partners via the SIPREC connector configuration. You can also stop streams started via the <Siprec> TwiML instruction.

For more information see our docs.

Marketing Campaigns

Segment Query Builder - added month and year units of time GA

You can now create a segment with ‘month’ and ‘year’ time units. Previously, ‘days’ was the only time unit available. For example, you might create a segment of contacts who opened an email in the last 2 months. Learn more about segmenting contacts in the Knowledge Center.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Extended Call Duration GA

Twilio extended the maximum call duration on Elastic SIP Trunking calls from 4 hours to 24 hours. This allows the business to have extended conversations that last longer than 4 hours. 

With this release you are now able to enable 24 hour configuration in the settings console

For details, check our documentation.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

Twilio SendGrid Deliverability Insights Beta

Twilio SendGrid's Deliverability Insights is a streamlined in-app dashboard that empowers you to monitor and optimize your email program health. Deliverability Insights provides an actionable view of your email delivery performance over time with metrics segmented by top mailbox providers and consultative tool tips sourced from the email experts. 

Deliverability Insights also includes new Bounce Classifications, which categorize more than 30 million cryptic SMTP responses into 7 digestible categories, helping you understand why messages are bouncing and what you can do about it.

Super SIM Billing Periods API Public Beta Beta

You can now read the current billing period for a Super SIM using the the new Billing Periods API allowing you to see when a Super SIM's current billing period started and will end. You can use this to determine when a Super SIM in ready state will automatically transition to active or when a Super SIM in active state will next be charged a monthly subscription fee.  Learn more about this new API, see the documentation.

Additionally, data usage towards a Super SIM's data limit is measured over its current billing period. You can leverage the start and end times indicated on a Super SIM's billing period and the Super SIM Usage Records API to determine how close a Super SIM is to hitting its data limit and when the usage towards the data limit will reset. To learn more about the steps to do this, check out this guide.

Programmable Voice

Conference Emergency Calling is Generally Available GA

You can now call emergency services in supported countries from a Conference call.

To make a Conference emergency call, you will need to add a Participant to the Conference with:

  • A valid e.164-formatted From phone number that can receive calls from the PSTN 
  • The emergency telephone number has to be a valid emergency number from the same country as the From phone number

Fees apply for emergency calling in the US and Canada.

Programmable Messaging

Customers can now register post-approval A2P 10DLC campaigns GA

A subset of 5 A2P 10DLC Special Use Case campaigns require additional carrier approvals immediately following registration. These 5 post-approval use cases are now available for registration. Once a campaign information is submitted, it will remain in “review” until carriers grant approval on the campaign.

The special use cases that require carrier post-approval and are now available for registration via the Console and ISV APIs are:

  • Agents; franchise; local branches
  • Proxy (formerly Conversational)
  • Emergency
  • Social
  • Sweepstakes

You can read more about these in our support article or API docs.

The Flex Plugins CLI’s local development server is now Generally Available. It enables developers to run multiple plugins on a local instance of Flex. It can load plugins either from the local source directory of a plugin or those that are currently deployed on your Flex application. This feature makes it easier and quicker to test a plugin you are developing locally with other plugins. Additional features include

  1. Ability to specify a version of a plugin to load with a new param @version 
  2. Support for --port that lets you choose the port to start your developer server.

Upgrade your plugins to use the latest version of the Flex Plugins CLI and refer to our docs for more details.

We have introduced a solution for Cisco-based Unified Communications infrastructures that enables the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to gain PSTN access using the virtual Cisco Unified Border Element (vCUBE) and Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. This combination enables an organization using Cisco’s vCUBE to connect to the PSTN via Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. You can learn more about this solution by referencing Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking Solution Blueprints.

Programmable Video

Video Room Monitor Public Beta Beta

We are excited to announce the release of the Twilio Video Room Monitor, a browser-based tool providing javascript developers visibility into the inner workings of their Twilio Video application. It displays real-time information and metrics from the Room object and can be added to any Twilio Video javascript application with just a few lines of code.

The Video Room Monitor can be used as a tool during all phases of development or can be customized and provided to end-users as an in-call troubleshooting view. 

For more information on the Video Room Monitor, see our blog post or visit the README.

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