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Diccionario de términos

Antes de empezar a trabajar con los datos del contact center, utiliza este artículo para familiarizarte con los términos de Flex Insights.


A person in your contact center who handles conversations with customers. Also known as Operator, Representative, or Worker.

Agent Team

The team that an agent is currently assigned to.


An assessment of a conversation (or part of a conversation). An assessment can be either:

  • Una etiqueta simple aplicada a una conversación, como buena, regular o mala.
  • Un aspecto de calidad puntuado de una conversación, como la empatía calificada en estrellas o el manejo de objeciones calificado como bueno, aceptable o malo.


A communication channel you use to talk to your customer. For example, chat, email or phone calls.


A conversation is a contact with a single customer. A conversation may have multiple segments if the customer is in contact with multiple agents or switches communication channels.


A person that is outside of your contact center whom you contact (or who contacts you).


The detection of a phrase or pattern in a conversation, either by speech or text analytics.

Handling Team

The team that the agent belonged to when handling a conversation with a customer.


A conversation initiated by a customer from outside of your contact center.


A conversation between two agents.


A numeric reporting value that may be calculated from any data in Flex Insights. Measures may be simple values such as Talk Time, or may be based on more complex formulas, such as one that estimates costs in your contact center. Also known as KPI.


A conversation with a customer that initiated from within your contact center.


A "waiting line" of sorts. Customers wait in queues when there is no available agent to take their inbound request.


The result of a scored Assessment, expressed in either points or percentages.


A part of a conversation. For example, one call between a customer and an agent.

Speech Search

A defined pattern used to search conversations. It can be a phrase, a set of phrases, or a more complex pattern.


The lowest level organization unit in your contact center. A team typically consists of 5 to 15 agents. Teams usually have an on-site Team Leader who listens to calls and coaches agents on performance.

Wrap Up

The work that an agent performs after talking to the customer. For example, inputting information about the conversation into a CRM system.

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