Digital soars, personalization is within reach

Soaring digital engagement drives new insights, but businesses face a tidal wave of data

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In-person interactions moved online at light speed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every organization raced to build new ways to engage customers, communities, and constituents. Digital engagement didn’t just keep organizations afloat; more digital touchpoints are giving organizations better insight into their customers and leading to higher customer satisfaction. Businesses have no intention of going back.


report their digital interactions increased 50% or more during the pandemic


average increase in number of digital touchpoints with customers during the pandemic


report increased customer insights as a result of greater customer engagement during the pandemic

Digitizing customer engagement means better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

More than 1 trillion digital interactions took place on Twilio in 2020.

increase in total digital interactions on Twilio YoY

The top benefits of digitizing engagement are better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

"Every company is immersed in Digital Transformation, reimagining and rebuilding the way they operate for the future. The pandemic accelerated the call to build in every industry, and that builder mindset will shape the next decade of innovation."

Jeff Lawson CEO, Twilio

The challenge — and opportunity — is that more interactions across more channels generate a flood of customer data that organizations struggle to make actionable for the customer. Why? The process of collecting and making sense of multiple digital touchpoints has always required specialized machine learning engineers and expensive data expertise.

What's next

Businesses will arrive at the holy grail: personalization at consumer scale. Before, only a handful of the largest brands had the resources to offer truly personalized customer experiences. The combination of soaring digital engagement and customer data platforms that abstract away complexity will allow all businesses to build a richer and more holistic view of their customers, and tailor the experience they deliver for millions.

Companies will reorganize to ensure customer experience (CX) and customer insights (CI) collaboration.

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Delta Air Lines

The Twilio Engagement Builder Spotlight recognizes what innovative organizations have built to stay connected to their customers and communities.

It’s not easy to keep an airline running during a global pandemic. Delta’s top priority was passenger safety, and the key to that was digital communications. The airline used multiple digital channels to inform travelers about new rules and updated safety standards at every step of their journey, and customer satisfaction scores are the highest they’ve ever been. “Twilio enabled us to communicate updates to our 200 million customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian says.

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