Video enhances our virtual connections

Next-generation video blends in-person and digital

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Of all digital channels, video saw the biggest boost in 2020 and became the default replacement for every kind of in-person communication. People spent so much time videoconferencing that many invested in better cameras and special lighting. Even television was transformed, with late-night TV hosts like Stephen Colbert doing shows from home, and news outlets like the BBC interviewing guests from their living rooms.

This year of unprecedented video adoption showed us that video is not a one-for-one replacement for in-person interaction. Just because it can be used that way, doesn’t mean it should be. The best video experiences are created when video is treated as a way to enhance in-person interactions, not replace them, and to do things better on video than in person.


report they now use video communication with their customers


report use of video communication with customers accelerated more than other channels during the pandemic

Stronger relationships, increased access to products, and quicker resolution of issues are the top benefits of video use with customers.

Video usage on Twilio increased more than 350% in 2020.

Twilio Video Engagement

1 billion —2 billion —3 billion —

Fifty-four percent of B2B buyers we surveyed say they are likely to engage with short-form videos when making purchase decisions.

Forrester Research, Inc., The Forrester Tech Tide™:
Video Technologies For Customer And Employee Experience, Q4 2020

What's next

The next generation of video will be defined by solutions that fully embrace video as a unique channel to create better than in-person experiences. More seamless integration of in-person and video and entirely new use cases will surge. Innovative video experiences will be built, not bought. Already, companies like AirTutors are building dynamic features like whiteboarding into their online learning platform to keep students engaged, and combines video with artificial intelligence so moving companies can survey belongings and quickly provide accurate quotes.


The Twilio Engagement Builder Spotlight recognizes what innovative organizations have built to stay connected to their customers and communities.

In just 30 days, media and telecom leader Comcast developed and rolled out a Twilio-based virtual tech support system, allowing customers to connect with a remote technician via their smartphone camera to troubleshoot issues safely. Customers love the convenience and safety, and give the experience 4+ out of 5 stars.

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