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Gather Public IP Information
Device behind NAT asks the Twilio STUN server to inform it what public IP and port it appears as to the rest of the world.

Public IP Returned & Relay Option Assigned
Twilio confirms how the device's local network's NAT has translated the device's private IP, and also issues a public IP TURN media relay option for use in case it's needed.

Direct Connectivity Test
Device shares the candidate IP/port to try direct streaming over by signaling it in SDP. Far end initiates a connectivity test to that IP to establish if peer‑to‑peer is possible.

Successful Peer‑to‑Peer Connection
If devices are able to contact each other directly through the candidate STUN returned, session is set up with direct media.

TURN Relay Connection
If devices are not able to connect to each other directly due to symmetric NAT or other issues, the SDP negotiates use of the offered TURN media relay IP so media relays through the geographically nearest relay point.

NAT Traversal

Twilio provides the behind‑the‑scenes infrastructure so you can focus on building your app, rather than building a global media relay framework to traverse around firewalls.


Easy Administration

View real‑time dashboards of your usage.

Usage Logs

View & export historical subaccount usage logs.

Elastic Scale

Scale on‑demand with no concurrency or total limit on traffic.

Developers that can benefit from Network Traversal Service

If you're building real‑time communications, whether you're using WebRTC, softphones or building your own stack, here's how Twilio helps you build a better service, faster.

WebRTC Developers

Just provide your auth token and the URL to the Twilio service in your iceServers[] array, and WebRTC will make sure you get the most efficient firewall traversal anywhere in the world.

That's all it takes. Leaving you able to focus on building your app, rather than building a global supporting infrastructure behind the scenes.

Mobile Comms Developers

For developers building your own mobile communications app, whether you're building the media engine on WebRTC code or something else, Network Traversal Service helps developers like you get the app experience to be global as fast as possible.

Service Providers

Service Providers offering VoIP services often only have equipment in their regional footprint. But users have a tendency of roaming internationally. With Twilio you can ensure your users get the lowest latency, wherever they are - without having to build out infrastructure globally.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) deployments offer greater employee productivity with one‑click voice and video calling, screen sharing and more. But without global network traversal options, your remote employees can be left with a bad experience. Network Traversal Service enables you to offer a great experience to all your employees wherever they are located.

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