Narrowband IoT

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Martin Basila, Founder & CEO, Sensoneo

Deploy IoT devices on the first‑ever US Narrowband Network from T‑Mobile

Twilio Narrowband gives you a platform to build the future of the IoT today, extending the lives of devices and providing a long‑term roadmap for IoT developers.

Narrowband is designed from the ground up to improve power consumption for devices sending smaller or infrequent packets of data.

Narrowband’s technical fundamentals reduce the cost of connectivity while lowering the cost of hardware. Now, deploying billions of IoT devices is more than possible — it’s practical.

Control your IoT devices with powerful developer tools

Twilio gives developers intuitive API tools and an SDK to connect, monitor, and manage IoT devices seamlessly.

Breakout SDK for Massive IoT

The Breakout SDK abstracts complex elements of Narrowband IoT deployment.

Twilio removes development barriers by handling tasks such as network registration on your behalf.

Twilio can intelligently optimize communication between devices and cloud services based on your network capability requirements across IP, Non‑IP, and SMS.

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Straightforward Narrowband access

Twilio offers no shenanigans Narrowband connectivity. Connect your device using intuitive REST APIs and manage your SIMs from the Console. There are no minimum commits or NDAs preventing you from building right now.

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The first developer platform for Narrowband IoT

Order multi‑size SIM cards for $3 or embedded SIMs for $4.

Developer plan

  • Self‑service
    / month per device
Includes 2MB per month. Overage data at 10¢ per 100KB.

Annual plan

  • Self‑service
    / year per device
  • 501 - 10k devices
    / year per device
  • 10k - 100k devices
    / year per device
  • 100k - 500k devices *
    / year per device
  • 500k+ devices
Includes 12MB per year. Overage data at 10¢ per 100KB. For pricing options outside of self‑service, please talk to Sales.