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Integre o Flex com o Veridas Voice Biometrics

Veridas Voice Biometrics digital authentication solution will enable Flex customers to validate the identity of their end users with just 3 seconds of their voice, in any language, and without the need of making them repeat any given sentence.

The solution, which can be integrated into a natural conversation between the agent and the end user, also provides the possibility to detect if the captured voice is real or pre-recorded, performing the validation in less than 140 milliseconds and with an accuracy above 99.5%.

The solution is designed to provide an ease of integration, under a very strict privacy policy, and with an excellent interface design (plug-in) so that agents can interact easily and intuitively with the solution, authenticating or registering users with one click.

Overview of the Integration

Mapped Architecture Diagram


  1. Ability to completely eliminate the time spent on authentication: irreversible biometric vector is generated with 3 seconds of voice audio
  2. VAD (Voice Activity Detection) technology: allows agent to visualize how much of the user’s net voice audio has been collected
  3. Fully customizable SDK parameters integrated into the agent panel in Flex: including colors, fonts, messages, buttons and registration or authentication approval thresholds
  4. Improvement of the customer experience: allowing end users to get rid of their passwords, language and text - independent: the end user can be authenticated in any language and does not need to repeat any specific sentence
  5. Fraud prevention: significantly improving the performance of current solutions (passwords, KBV, OTPs, etc.)
  6. Strict data privacy standards: the cloud service provided does not need to keep or store any user data. GDPR & CCPA compliant

Implementation guide

For detailed implementation prerequisites and steps, please see the linked Twilio Blog post.

Contact information

To request a product demo, speak to Veridas experts, or any further questions – please fill out the form on Veridas website.




Requests volume limit

Each api key has traffic volume rates hired by the customers. Contact Veridas to change the volume.

Requests per minute limit

For security purposes, the service has a limit of requests allowed in a short space of time. Contact Veridas to change this limit.

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