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Developers Drawing The Owl

  • By David Dooley
    Implement a UI Dialpad for the JavaScript Programmable Voice Quickstart UI Dialpad JavaScript Voice QS Hero

    Ahoy there! Have you explored the Twilio Voice SDK JavaScript Quickstart? Are you now ready to learn how to use your SDK-powered app to interact with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)? That is exactly what this blog post will cover – and by the end of it, you should be able to dial a number using your cursor, or interact with an automated IVR you have setup.

    Solution: a UI dialpad for the Twilio JS Voice Quickstart

    Our Quickstart does not contain a UI dialpad out of the box, nor does our SDK. The purpose of our Quickstart app is to familiarize yourself with placing and receiving calls via your web browser, and to give you a taste of what you can achieve using our SDK. Although the Quickstart wasn’t built to be a full production application, I will run through how you can change the UI …

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  • By Angela Wieber
    Voice Biometrics Using Twilio Serverless and VoiceIt Voice Biometrics

    Biometrics technology is frequently used for authentication and identification purposes across industries, including financial services, healthcare, and the humanitarian sector. Integrating biometrics into development and humanitarian assistance programs can help to identify the people targeted for assistance, reduce fraud and de-duplication, and simplify registration and identification.

    The World Food Programme uses biometrics to make sure that the right assistance reaches the right people. Vodacom Tanzania uses voice biometrics to enable people with disabilities to access their products and services more easily. Chase Bank uses Voice ID to identify callers accessing personal bank account information. Another interesting fact about voice biometrics is that if compromised, they can be invalidated by enrolling a new phrase. If your face, fingerprint, or iris data is hacked you cannot invalidate the data, and your identity is lost forever. It's complicated, however – we recognize that the use of biometrics has pros and cons, and it's …

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  • By David Dooley
    Common Twilio Programmable Voice SDK Error Codes and Debugging Help Common Voice SDK Errors Header

    Ahoy Builders! When you decide to start building Programmable Voice applications on top of Twilio’s SDKs and begin playing with your own ideas and use cases, there are some more common error codes which I would like to bring to your attention. You will not necessarily encounter all of them, but when developing your application there are various factors at play so being familiar with some of the more common error codes we see in Twilio support, could do you no harm.

    In this post, I’ll cover some common Twilio Programmable Voice error codes. We’ll look at the error number, a brief description of the issue, and some hints about how to fix the issue. Then we’ll discuss logging levels and debugging in your application, and how to contact us for more support. Let’s dive in!

    Twilio Voice apps: common error codes

    Error 52134

    More info on Error 52134 …

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  • By David Dooley
    Twilio Programmable Voice JavaScript Quickstart Demo Application with Node Programmable Voice Quickstart Walkthrough Node Hero

    Ahoy builders! So, you have created a Twilio account and you now want to get started with calling your clients via your browser, great stuff! That’s where the Twilio Voice SDK comes into play.

    But, you may ask, what is an SDK?

    An SDK is known as a Software Development Kit which is a fancy term for a collection of libraries and code which you can build on to. Rather than wasting valuable time writing code to connect to Twilio, handle phone calls, create tokens, etc., you can download and deploy our SDK to hit the ground running. This allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your application such as the GUI and your customer experience leaving the complex HTTP negotiation to Twilio. How great is that?

    Twilio supports the addition of Programmable Voice to your web and mobile apps on the following platforms:

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  • By Raphaël LE GORANDE
    Your First SMS Campaign in Less than 5 Minutes csv-marketing-campaigns

    Twilio is a unique platform offering flexible APIs to communicate on different channels, including SMS, using our Programmable SMS product. Generally, using our APIs requires programming.

    Your CRM or internal tools are not necessarily natively connected with Twilio. In this article, we will show you how to deploy and use a turnkey application to send your first SMS campaigns from data (numbers and variable fields) contained in a CSV file, all without writing a line of code.

    This application will be deployed on the Twilio Runtime platform, a serverless platform that makes it so you don't have to worry about hosting infrastructure.

    Solution: CSV to SMS Campaigns

    Below is a screenshot of the application we are going to use and the result for one of the recipients.

    CSV to SMS app

    This article describes how to set up and use the CSV to SMS application. Below is a video that explains how it works …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Build a Virtual Whiteboard for Back to School: Save Incoming SMS, MMS, and Voice Calls to Airtable with JavaScript Copy of C03 Blog Text (5)

    It’s back to school time and for college students in a remote environment, what better way to recreate the dorm experience than with a virtual whiteboard. Your friends can send a text or MMS to your Twilio phone number and it will appear on your web app.

    In learning how to build a virtual whiteboard, you’ll master two concepts: saving incoming SMS and MMS messages to an Airtable database, and displaying these messages on a web app. That second part – displaying the messages on a web app – will be covered in a second post.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

    Create your Airtable base

    Login to …

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  • By Robert Masson
    5 Low Code/No Code Tools You Can Use to Send Twilio SMS Copy of C03 Blog Text(3)

    SMS has rapidly become a must have channel for all kinds of organizations from retail stores to Emergency Rooms. If you are tasked with adding in SMS to your organization's communication strategy but are not a developer this Blog Article is for you! We are going to explore 5 great options for adding SMS capabilities to customer interactions without having a development team. We will discuss the supported use cases and rate the tools on how complex they are to connect to Twilio and how easy they are to use in general.

    This is part one of a two part series. The next entry will cover five more tools we see regularly being used by our customers. This is not however an exhaustive list! Twilio is part of a very large and growing ecosystem of tools that make it easy to craft the kind of customer experience that will delight …

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  • By Sarah Stringer
    Build vs. Buy: An Architect's Guide to Video & WebRTC Build vs. Buy: An Architect's Guide to Video & WebRTC

    The last few years have dramatically shifted the world of video. While this channel was steadily growing in popularity before 2020, the pandemic accelerated its growth as organizations scrambled to find new ways to bring employees and customers together. In fact, business and video conferencing apps experienced record downloads as people moved online to stay connected during lockdowns.

    But even as restrictions ease, video has proved it’s here to stay. Customers now expect virtual, face-to-face interaction with their favorite brands and rely upon video to stay informed, remain connected, and do their jobs.

    Behind these shifting customer expectations and boost in adoption is the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) standard. WebRTC lowers the barrier to entry for video, providing teams a standard way to implement impactful video across a wide variety of browsers and platforms. But even with this standardization, implementing WebRTC can be a challenge. In fact, if your business …

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Build a Svelte App that Uses the National Parks Service API to Plan Your Perfect Trip Copy of C03 Blog Text (4)

    The United States National Park Service, created in 1916, operates 423 unique sites that cover 85 million acres of land. Our national parks are some of the United States’ greatest treasures, and most people agree: in 2021, the National Park Service welcomed 297,115,406 visitors across its multitude of locations.

    This summer, if you’re feeling bored, listless, or over the heat, plan a trip to a national park. There are parks to suit absolutely everyone’s needs, and in this article you’ll learn how to build a Svelte app that lets you leverage the National Parks API to search for your perfect national park by filtering through all possible activities and park amenities.

    This article is going to be showing you how to build an app that you can run locally on your machine. The API requests shown in this article are inherently insecure, because if you were to deploy …

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  • By Andrey Asfaganov
    No number? No Problem! Or Messaging in Flex with Telerivet header

    One of the core advantages of using Twilio is the ability to buy phone numbers for SMS and Voice communications in many countries around the world. You don’t need to handle multiple relationships with different carriers in each country, you can buy a number from Twilio right from the Console. But: what if Twilio doesn’t offer a number in a particular country? We try our best to get numbers for our customers – we can use some numbers via porting, and some other numbers are available in private offering or developer preview – but it’s not always possible. This is especially true in countries where our NGO customers, like the Norwegian Refugee Council operate. Think, for example, of Sudan, Libya, or Madagascar.


    In this blog post, we’ll cover how you can use Telerivet as a gateway app with a local SIM and integrate it as a custom channel into …

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