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The Fork Stream Widget allows you to send real-time audio streams of a phone call over the Internet. Websocket and SIPREC protocols are supported.

Fork Stream Studio Widget

Required Configuration for Fork Stream

The Fork Stream Widget requires an action specification to function properly. The action designates whether the Flow should start or stop streaming the phone call.

Name Description Example
Action Whether you want to Start or Stop a stream. Start

Optional Configuration for Fork Stream

The Fork Stream Widget also accepts a number of configuration options that you can use to configure Stream properties and additional paramters to be sent.

Name Description Example
Stream Name Friendly name given to the Stream. AudioStream
Stream Type Transport protocol, one of WebSocket or SIPREC. WebSocket
URL URL of the service where to stream the audio. This is required when the Stream Type is WebSocket. The only supported protocol is wss. wss://
Connector Name Name of the Add-on use to configure the Stream. This is required when Stream Type is SIPREC. Gridspace_1
Tracks Select audio streams to be sent. Can be any of: Inbound Track, Outbound Track or Both Tracks Inbound Track
Stream Parameters Zero or more extra parameters expressed as key/value pairs that will be sent to the remote service during connection. Key: Custom1, Value: Bob

Fork Stream Transitions

These events trigger transitions from this Widget to another Widget in your Flow. For more information on working with Studio transitions, see this guide.

Name Description
Next Fires immediately after the Stream connection has been created (Start) or terminated (Stop).

Example: Fork for Processing

In the call flow screenshot below the audio streams of an incoming call are forked for real-time processing while the call is bridged to another phone number.

Fork Stream Studio Flow

Learn More

Now that you know the basics of the Fork Stream Widget, why not learn more about Media Streams?

  • Learn the benefits and implementation of streaming a phone call in an introduction to Media Streams.
  • For more information on how to leverage Media Streams for your custom voice builds, check out the docs.

We can't wait to see what you build!

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