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TwiML Redirect

Not sure what TwiML is? Learn more about it here!

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TwiML Redirect allows you to redirect a Voice Call to be handled outside of Studio and optionally return control back to Studio.

Note that your TwiML can be hosted and served in many ways, including and not limited to:

Passing Parameters to the TwiML Redirect URL

If you want to pass parameters to the TwiML Redirect URL from your Studio Flow, you can pass them in the query string, as part of the URL.

For example, if you wanted to pass the Digits variable from the Gather widget, you would enter the following in the URL field for the TwiML Redirect widget:{{widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Digits}}

Returning Control to Studio

To handle returning control to Studio, you need to specify a <Redirect> to the Studio Webhook URL and append ?FlowEvent=return. Any additional parameters specified in the return URL will be injected into the Studio context and addressable via Liquid template variables.


  <Say>Returning you back to the Studio Flow.</Say>

The URL parameter foo illustrated above will be passed automatically into your Flow and can be referenced via Liquid as {{}}.

Tip: To retrieve the Studio Webhook URL, in your Studio flow, click the red Trigger widget. The URL starting with is the Webhook URL.

Required Configuration:





URL where the call or message will be redirected.

Note: Studio does not actually make a request to this URL. Studio simply prints the TwiML, which instructs Twilio Voice or Messaging to make a new request to this URL.


Optional Configuration:





HTTP method to be used in the redirect



Number of seconds to wait for control to be returned to Studio. Set to 0 if returning control is not desired.

Possible values in seconds: 0 to 14400 seconds (4 hours)



These are the events that trigger transitions from this widget:






Fired when controls is returned to Studio by Twilio Voice or Messaging with the FlowEvent=return parameter appended to the URL. Note: This is the only way Studio can regain control of a Voice call.



Fired when the timer has expired and control has not passed back to Studio via the FlowEvent=return parameter. Note: Studio cannot regain control of a Voice call on Timeout.



Fired if the URL is syntactically invalid at runtime. Note: This does not fire if the URL returns an error response (e.g. 404, 500) because Studio does not actually make a request to the Redirect URL.

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