Archive Plugins and Configurations

The twilio flex:plugins:archive command provides the ability to archive a plugin, a plugin version, or a configuration. When archived, you can no longer enable the plugin for agents via the Plugins Dashboard or Plugins CLI. You can archive a configuration to prevent it from being redeployed.

Archiving a plugin or configuration is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

Compatible CLI versions

You need to install the latest version of the Flex Plugins CLI in order to use these features. If you're migrating a legacy plugin to use the new CLI, refer to our Migration Guide.

Archive a plugin

  • A plugin can be archived only if it is not currently enabled within Flex.
  • When a plugin is archived, none of its versions can be enabled within Flex.
  • You cannot redeploy any prior release that contains the archived plugin or plugin version.

You can archive a plugin by passing its name via the --name argument.

twilio flex:plugins:archive:plugin --name plugin-sample

You can archive a version of a plugin by passing the plugin name and the version via the --name and --version arguments.

twilio flex:plugins:archive:plugin-version --name plugin-test --version 1.0.0

Archive a configuration

Sometimes you push changes to your application that need to be reverted and fixed. You can archive those changes to prevent someone from accidentally redploying the changes to your application.

Fetch previous releases

twilio flex:plugins:list:releases

Choose a prior configuration

From the list of Releases, choose the one that you want to archive. Copy the configuration_sid of that release.

Use the describe command to get details on the Configuration and confirm that it is the Configuration you want to archive.

twilio flex:plugins:describe:configuration --sid <Configuration Sid>

Archive the configuration

Run the archive command with the copied configuration_sid.

twilio flex:plugins:archive:configuration --sid <Configuration Sid>

Plugins Dashboard: View archived plugins

You can access the Plugins Dashboard by logging in as a Flex Admin. Archived plugins can be viewed along with the rest of your plugins.


Click on a plugin and on the version dropdown to see information of versions of the plugin that have been archived.


Viewing archived configurations:


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