Twilio Global Infrastructure

Twilio powers 13.9T+ customer engagement API calls per year on our global cloud infrastructure.

Powering 1.8T+ digital interactions annually

Twilio is built on scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure that gives you the ability to deliver secure customer communications and personalized experiences for every customer.


messages sent/received yearly


voice calls annually


emails sent annually


 customer verifications annually

Our data center locations

Map with data centers all over the world

Global reach and scale

Scalable infrastructure

Break free from tech provider limitations. Leverage Twilio’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, Super Network, and dedicated experts to scale your business.

15M+ messages sent per day

"As a small company, the cost of implementing an SMS infrastructure by ourselves would have been impossible. Twilio allowed us to use SMS with our customers and get up and running quickly, without putting a dent in our expenses."

Naomi Arnold, Customer Service, Airbnb.

Reliable and redundant

Reliable delivery

Twilio’s hybrid cloud infrastructure goes beyond enormous scale. We’re invested in ensuring our platform is reliable and always available — so you can send confidently, knowing every valuable communication is delivered.

99% uptime and reliability

“We came to Twilio mainly for the reliability in service, because in our industry, it has to work all the time and everywhere in the world. One of the key features of Twilio is the ability to be international from day one.”

Pierre-Baptiste Bechu, Co-Founder, Aircall

Flexible and secure

Flexible connectivity

 Improve your connectivity and securely interact with customers. Select optimal connectivity based on proximity to your application and set up private connections to Twilio.

90% average open rate

“We knew that we needed to pick a partner that had the reliability in terms of message delivery and also the underlying infrastructure to make us feel confident in what we were putting forth for our hosts and for our subscribers.”

Mike Donoghue, CEO and Co-Creator, Subtext

Infrastructure products

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    See how you can set up secure, private connections between your network and Twilio.

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    Email Infrastructure

    Check out the Twilio SendGrid email infrastructure and why we’re known for reliable delivery at scale.

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    Super Network

    Learn about Twilio’s Super Network—a reliable, global ecosystem of Tier-1 carriers.

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    Segment Infrastructure

    Explore the Segment Customer Data Platform (CDP) infrastructure, which is the data layer of Twilio.

Getting started

It’s easy to get started with Twilio

It’s easy to get started with Twilio’s secure global platform. Create a free account to build a proof of concept and then scale your use case with our pay-as-you-go pricing