Government Requests

Twilio is a cloud communications company. Our products and services enable you to build communications features and capabilities into your web, desktop and mobile software applications.

We take the security and privacy of our developers extremely seriously.

The trust you place in Twilio for your vital communications is of paramount importance. Twilio produces semi-annual transparency reports to provide the visibility you deserve and expect from a cloud service.

Check out our Transparency Reports reflecting the the total volume of government requests for information received by Twilio, how Twilio responded to the requests and how often Twilio notified users of the requests.

Twilio has received and obtained permission to publish select National Security Letters received. View the available documents.

For instructions on how to submit a law enforcement request for information, click here to read our Law Enforcement Guidelines.

Please note that Twilio will only respond to requests that are sent from a government agency via registered email domain; are issued where Twilio is subject to jurisdiction; have an enforceable subpoena, court order, or search warrant compelling us to produce the information requested; and state the categories of records sought and specific time period.

Twilio’s Privacy Policy compels us to notify our customer of requests unless explicitly prohibited from doing so by law. For more information on our non-disclosure policy:

Agencies that do not want us to notify our customer(s) of a request should reference explicit legal authority barring us from disclosing. If your request does not prohibit disclosure and you do not want us to notify our customer, reply stating you withdraw your request or that you will obtain a non-disclosure order.