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Increase sales efficiency with Flex

Unleash your sales team by enabling high-touch, contextual interactions to drive conversions and earn loyalty.

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Serve your customers before they become customers

Meet your future customers where they are

Increase your campaign efficiency by making it easy for prospects to engage with an ad. Create click-to-message entry points on ads and paid search results that connect prospects with live support on Flex to convert the sale.

Start new conversations with a click

Improve your sales productivity, drive higher quality leads, and increase conversions. Add click-to call or click-to-text to your lead management system to optimize your sales team’s workflows.

Personalize conversations from the start

80% of consumers spend more when an experience is personalized*. Arm sales reps with a complete understanding of prospects with Flex, which pulls in real-time data from any source to create rich customer profiles and surface context from previous interactions. 

Cut out productivity-killing steps

Avoid redundant conversations with prospects. The Flex UI brings your valuable customer profiles into view on a single pane of glass so you can immediately see who you’re talking to, where they’re coming from, and what they’re looking to achieve. 

* Twilio Segment State of Personalization Report 2022

Flex ROI

Unlock revenue with personalized interactions

90+ points

NPS score for Nubank

3x increase

in bookings for Vacasa

188% increase

in sales conversions for College Hunks

Flex features

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Features for efficient customer acquisition

  • Network
    Omnichannel engagement

    Engage prospects via SMS, WhatsApp, voice, video, Facebook Messenger, WebChat, and Google’s Business Messages

  • Spreadsheet document
    Flex Insights

    Gain insights on customer conversations, track KPIs, and configure custom dashboards

“We’ve been able to make business decisions aided with data. Our conversion rate grew 188 percent, from 8 to 23 percent.”

 Matt Knapp Director of Product Development, College Hunks

How it works

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See how Flex supports sales

  • Frictionless outreach

    Easily meet prospects where they are. Follow up by phone, text message, or chat—without navigating separate apps or jumping across screens.

Getting started

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Upgrade your sales experience with Flex

Make your sales teams more efficient with seamless communication solutions and access to first-party data for streamlined personalization. Try Flex for free—create a rapid proof of concept and deploy to production when you’re ready.